Current Projects

Current Projects – 2012

On January 24th a core group of the Popo Agie anglers got together and started planning potential projects for the year.  The below list highlights the key projects that we want to commit to doing in 2012.  There were many other things discussed and tabled for future projects.  We are still in the process of finalizing dates, however if you are interested in leading a project or simply volunteering drop us an email at

Little Popo Agie – Willow and Cottonwood planting

April 2012 – 2 days.

Partnering with WY G & F, NOLS, and the LMS to organize the planting of willows along the public fishing easements in Red Canyon. Day one will be a willow harvest day and day two will be the planting of willows. If possible the planting will involve the LMS sixth graders in one of these days.

Beaver Creek Fencing maintainance

Early July 2012 – one day

Working with Brad Russel at the USFS to spend one day helping maintain the cattle exclosure fencing around Beaver Creek. This needs to be done prior to July 17th when the cattle are put into this pasture.

Lucky Pond – Concrete work

May 16, 2012 – One Day

Working with the State School to lay concrete elongating the paved path at Lucky Pond from the shelter to the dock.

Clean Sinks Canyon HWY

 May 2012. Half day.

Organizing volunteers for a half day of roadside clean-up.



organizing committees to set up the event and procure donations for the raffles and auctions.

Kids Fishing Day – Lucky Pond


Organize and publicize a kids fishing day at Lucky Pond. Work with Game and Fish on scheduling and procure raffle items for the kids.

Secure access to lakes on old iron mine

Approach Simplot expressing interest in access to lakes on the old iron mine for fishing. Make calls to appropriate parties and write letters requesting public access for fishing.

Adopt A Trout Program

Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Support Lander Adopt a Trout program with volunteers on field days

Lucky Pond – Road maintainance


Blade, reprofile, and gravel road to Lucky Pond


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